New social media, new social science? (NSMNSS)

NSMNSS is a network run by NatCen Social Research, SAGE and the Oxford Internet Institute, looking at the implications of social media for social sciences methods and practice. A launch event was held on 29 May and five more events are planned over the network’s one year lifespan.

NSMNSS on social media:

The network (project?) also uses the tagline Blurring the boundaries, but it’s not quite clear where that comes in. And with a network on a network, plus a website and assorted other channels, I’d have a close look at my content strategy for starters, but that’s not why we’re here so let’s move on.

Have your say has bar charts for what people hope to gain from the network and the activities it should coordinate. The launch event was held on 29 May at RIBA. I intended to follow the stream live, but it fell over so need to revisit. Off and running, wrap-up post from yay! 31 May, summarises the key issues and attracted six comments over on the network. There are also discussions for the four workshops at the event, which may form the themes of forthcoming events: qualitative methods | qualityethics | quantitative methods.

Among all this info can’t lay hands on programme for the launch event, which has no page as such, but there are blog posts from assorted speakers:

OK this has taken an age to sort out and I haven’t so much as looked at any of the content. Last thought for now…anyone researching NSMNSS on social media? Archiving Twitter?


2 thoughts on “New social media, new social science? (NSMNSS)

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