Digital methods as mainstream methodology (#dmmm1)

Updates: #dmmm2 took place on 7 December, lots of pecha kucha plus Mike Thelwall again. Managed to miss #dmmm3 on 15 March as it didn’t come up on the blog – see the event report.

Digital Methods as Mainstream Methodology is, like NSMNSS, a network run by NCRM. The project aims to build capacity in digital social research, addressing the issues that digitally inspired methods present.

DMMM on social media: blog | @DMMM_NMI | Slideshare | YouTube

The first of three DMMM events was held on 9 July. I downloaded the 228 #dmmm1 tweets on the day (181 during the event), but there was exemplary coverage – Storify from the organisers, slides/audio of first session up med det samme, blog reports from @SDLjames.


  • Axel Bruns (Mapping Online Publics) on understanding the role of Twitter in public communication, studying society through the lens of Twitter – slides/audio | blog report
  • Eric Meyer on how technological innovations are shaped by disciplines, big data in the social sciences and the need for new tools – blog report | CEISMIC (Canterbury earthquakes archive, example of humanities approach to digitalise stories, images and video in areas of disaster)
  • Christine Hine on exploring the Internet in ethnographies of the everyday – blog report

The final session was an affinity mapping exercise considering the issues around putting digital methods into the mainstream, for example:

  • maintaining ethical research practices
  • avoiding unrecognised biases
  • keeping up with the pace of contemporary technological developments


3 thoughts on “Digital methods as mainstream methodology (#dmmm1)

  1. Thanks for including my write-ups. It was a really good event – looking forward to the next one.

    James Ainsworth
    Social Media Manager – SDL, Social Intelligence Division

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