#lutwit: Lancaster Uni Twitter and microblogging conference

Loads of stuff from the superbly named #lutwit on researching Twitter from a (mainly) linguistics perspective, held on 10-12 April. Liveblogged by Nicola Osborne (style: verbatim) and Peter Evans. Programme and abstracts on Lanyrd, some nice posters (inc one digitally; see unscheduled sessions), Tweet Category analysis (10 April only; ipad app, $3.99).

Some stonking sessions:

Some more presos:

Big bunch on digigov: Turkish MPs use of “we” | Twitter uses in the EP, Commission and Council (liveblog) | Labour Party Peers (slides) | Italian politicians | Use of Twitter during 2010 British and Dutch elections (Nicola) | Reciprocity and preaching to the converted: a cross-national comparative analysis of politicians’ social and communication networks | 2012 elections in Belgium (Peter) | see also German politicians’  Twitter networks

Tools and recipes:

People, projects, blogs:

Other papers:

Fun stories: Reading levels of celebrities’ tweets | Happiness levels soar as people travel further from home

Forthcoming: Language online: investigating digital texts and practices (Barton & Lee)…also The discourse of blogs and wikis (Myers), Stories and social media (Page).

I did a module on computational linguistics as part of my degree, looking at a corpus of German drama, back in the mists of time. Just imagine if I’d continued down that route.

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