Danish Twitter census 2014

(Post copied from Danegeld blog, 4 Feb 2015.)

The latest Danish Twitter census was launched on 8 May. Couldn’t attend, but here’s the gen, from the 60 tweets at #twittercensus, 129 at #tcdk. See also my report on last year’s census, on page 7 of my 2013 Social Media Week diary (PDF).

  • number of Danish users of Twitter doubled since last census at 222,5o5 (SE: 641,746, NO: 406, 250, FI: 153,746)
  • still few ‘active’ –  39,963  Danes (18%) tweet at least once a month (SE: 38%, NO: 29%, FI: 34%)
  • very active (tweet at least once a day) – 6245 (3%; SE: 13%, NO: 8%, FI: 6%); falling
  • 64% of all Danish twitter users have only posted between 1 and 9 tweets
  • an average Danish twitter user has 64 followers (208 globally) and follows 89; low figures may be due to the rapid growth
  • techsome segment isn’t growing, but teen segment is
  • individuals are driving Twitter use in Denmark, not brands
  • only 30% tweet location
  • @bavnhoej: “mon der en dag kommer  kvalitativ analyse af hvad der bliver sagt på twitter. Vildt spændende værktøj #tcdk , men fokus er igen på kvantitet” – see @tagsterdk and @anders_boje


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