Writing with WordPress

Recent forays into #writing, inc #FLfiction14 and #FLHouseLit, haven’t led to many changes in my habits, so in the absence of any other exciting MOOCs let’s have a look at WordPress’ offerings.

I’ve bunged The Daily Post into my feedreader, and it’s already come up with tips on the freelance life.

Over the rest of week 1:

  • Monday saw the start of Blogging 101 and Writing 101. As well as tagging to show up in the Reader the former comes up with the usual “write first, edit later” advice, while the latter seems to be mainly concerned with fiction, kicking off with free writing – both of which is fine, but what if you write/edit forever, and never publish?
  • Tuesday: Blogging 101 is back to basics with editing your title and tagline, while Writing has a rather nice assignment on describing a setting, one to come back to
  • Wednesday: Blogging: “if you didn’t want anyone to read your posts, you’d keep a private diary”…hmm for me it’s something inbetween; the assignment is to follow five new topics in the Reader and five new blogs; well I follow loads of blogs but via RSS – will investigate the Reader more, inc the fair few who follow my A/drift blog, but it feels a bit like Twitter, ie I’ve got more than enough inputs already TYVM, and “engaging with the community” = jargon; Writing: more free writing, see Monday
  • Thursday: publish a post for your dream reader, including one new type of element, and write about a loss, the first in a three part series: nowt very new there
  • Friday: try out three other themes and write a story in as few words as possible
  • Saturday: Blogging on spending even more time in the Reader, following topics or reading recommended blogs

Week 2:

  • Monday: Blogging with a couple of tips on About pages (make it into a story, distill it into two sentences and use it as a widget), Writing on writing a character study
  • Tuesday: headers and widgets; write a compare and contrast dialogue, that could work…
  • Wednesday: leave a comment; write an adverb free post (use strong verbs) in a report on what you see at a local cafe, park or public place
  • Thursday: write a post building on the comment you left yesterday, linking to the other blog and creating a pingback; write a scene at the park etc from three different points of view; tells different stories and livens up your writing
  • Friday: widgets; write about your favourite childhood meal, in your own voice

Week 3 (how long does this go on for?):

  • Monday: blogrolls; use short, medium, and long sentences to compose a response about the home you lived in when you were twelve – the self geography meme…
  • Tuesday: publish a post based on your personalised take on today’s Daily Prompt; write a post inspired by a real world conversation, with an element of foreshadowing at the beginning
  • Wednesday: read six posts written in response to yesterday’s prompt and leave comments on at least two of them; write about finding something, the next post in the series started on Thursday in week 1

And with that, I’m off on holiday. Some interesting stuff here, though!

Update, 11 Nov: ebooks are now available for Writing 101 and its friend, Writing 201, on doing something about all those drafts. Worth a try – duly downloaded.


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