#longreads: exploring longform with WordPress

Following on from Writing with WordPress in the autumn we have the latest Writing 201, Beyond the blogpost on longform writing. Four weeks focusing on a different kind of piece, from interviews through instructional pieces and opinion pieces to the personal essay or memoir, supported by the editors at Longreads (you can also use #longreads on WordPress to flag up your posts). No assignments, lots of peer support. Here longform is defined as writing that’s 1500 words or more. (Longform or short story? Just sayin’.)

See also Longform layout tips.

It’s interesting how #longreads came in around the time writing for the web advocates stressed the art of being concise. I looked at the topic in 2012, in a post called Loving long form and attempted some #longreads in the shape of Contents Magazine, which now seems defunct. And don’t most people want less, not more?

See also The essay and the Internet – “Do longread and longform – those two words that developed from a hashtag — equal essay?”

(Incidentally…long reads/long-reads/longreads…longform pretty much dropped?)

Length just feeds my drafts habit – better to keep most posts tight, rather than trying to cover too many ideas, with longform (ie writing rather than blogging) reserved for more worked up pieces?


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