Experiments in literature and translation

Updates, 2017: oh to be at the Ambient Literature Symposium, livetweeted by @pressfuturist with interesting papers from inter alia Bronwen Thomas, Ian Gadd, Anezka Kuzmicova and Duncan Speakman (@_dspk; abstract; on Talking Walking), plus the launch of his It must have been dark by then (see below)…the team in Aarhus Locating the literary, hosted by Sarah Mygind (@SarahMygind), which also highlighted local place writing efforts (see Elsewhere page)…panel discussion at the BL…Goldsmiths Prize for fiction that “opens up new possibilities for the novel form”

Experimental writing

A mixed bunch of examples:


På dansk:

Experimental translations

Update, June 2017: What happens when artists and writers experiment with translation in their works? What happens when the processes of translation and untranslatability are reflected on visually or artistically? Colloquium (programme) by Authors and the World (@AuthorsWorld), a research collaboration between creative writers, translators, industry professionals and literary researchers, followed by a workshop led by Outranspo, the Oulipo of translation.

Translation specific devices:


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