Brokvartererne, Carlsberg, Christianshavn

At the turn of the 20th century the brokvarter, initially conceived as CPH’s Haussmanlike remake, were gradually becoming ghettoes for the proletariat (Nexø).

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  • topography:
    • north:south: Nyholm | Dokken (Operaen) | Holmen | Christiansholm (Papirøen) | Arsenaløen | two vaguely floating bits | Christianshavn | Applebys Plads
    • bastions SW:NE: Kalvebod | Enhjørningens | Panterens etc
  • island just over Knippelsbro: to the right of the bridge, an area previously occupied by the B&W shipyard, is the Christiansbro complex, built by Henning Larsen for ATP 1996-2000 (Inden for Voldene | Arkark), offering:
    • a two storey (20m by 3m) glass gangbro connecting the newer Nordea HQ to Ørkenfortet (1962; by Palle Suenson; Inden for Voldene), formerly B&W’s HQ)
    • a 21m gangbro where Strandgade meets Nicolai Eigtveds Gade
    • two four storey (8.5m by 2m) gangbroer connecting Skatteministeriet’s central circular office building with its two wings (at (Nicolai Eigtveds Gade 28; pic centred on Cirkelbroen, another confection a tad further south)
  • Applebys Plads at the foot of Langebro; basin bought by De Danske Sukkerfabrikker  in 1897, land reclaimed c1900
    • Danisco warehouses (Phønix, 1913) by Emil Ferdinand Jeppesen; three? buildings connected by smutveje
    • sugar production ceased in 1964, with the buildings now used as offices and the two walkways encased in glass at ground level, where previously lorries loaded with sugar beet could drive through from the quayside
  • further back from the waterfront is a two storey smutvej dating from 1929, with an open air passage on top, connecting Wildersgade 9 with 10a (1925; Inden for Voldene); today used as storage and canteen space by the occupants of the latter
  • Christianhavns Skole: old and new (2001) buildings connected by a smutvej MORE
  • Christiania: smutvej from 1939/40 between Blå Hus (1878) and Solvognen (1886) MORE
  • Torvegade: 1930s architecture


  • Motortorpedohallen (1954) – on Galionsvej, used by Søværnet for ship maintenance until 1993, converted into 67 luxury flats by Vandkunsten and NCC in 2002; six smutveje between the two wings of the building MORE
  • Den Danske Filmskole – at Theodor Christensens Plads 1; smutvej between old and new MORE



  • local history: Vesterbro Bydelsatlas
  • the rebel | gentrification (again | again)
  • murals, 2015 – still there? (story | pics | again) | Værnedamsvej: Manden i månen, based on a drawing by Storm P, done in 1996 by Bill Savarese (see also Månen i gadekæret on Ingemannsvej near Åboulevarden)
  • railway area (Wikipedia; inc old water towers): sporarealerne between Kalvebod Brygge and Vesterbro
  • Kalvebod Brygge:
    • IDA/Ingeniørernes Hus 1998, by Kieler Architects) – at Kalvebod Brygge 31-33; 19m smutvej between Langehuset and Punkthuset
    • Forstædernes Bank/Nykredit (2005, by Kieler Architects) – at Kalvebod Brygge 47/Gasværkshavn, 14m long and nine meter wide five storey smutvej on the canal side between two buildings (Langhuset and Kuben), giving a public promenade beneath
    • Copenhagen Island Hotel (2006, by Kim Utzon) – at Kalvebod Brygge /Gasværkshavn; five storey smutvej as above, also numerous indoor walkways decorated by Lin Utzon
  • Kødbyen: Halmtorvet 15SPACE10
  • Tullinsgade 1: Central Hotel (world’s smallest)
  • Vasbygade/Kalvebod Brygge: Copenhagen Highline (again; office block with green roof, from/to Trafiktårn Øst)
  • Vesterbrogade (2012 post):
    • all sorts, inc Lenins forlorne skilpadde, Struensees lig og en krofatter Verner Dam, Valencia
    • Vesterbros Torv
    • 107C: fronts Slagtergårdene (1860s), which back on to the Enghave Småhuse qv
    • 112B: Lenin plaque
    • 148: Sorte Hest (1771)


Sydhavnen/Kongens Enghave: see post


  • local history | Byvandring.milland | kunstguide | lille museum
  • Brumleby (museum)
  • Churchillparken (1965): inc statues, busts…English oak tree, planted in 2005 by the Duke of Gloucester (between busts to Anders Lassen and Kaj Birksted); bust to Churchill (1955), closer to the English church
  • Den Frie (1898 by JF Willumsen; garden)
  • Garvergården
  • Gefion Gymnasium (formerly Polyteknisk Læreanstalt)
  • Ho Chi Minh Sti: between Lipkesgade and Bergensgade, ie shortcut between Kastelsvej and Kristianiagade, originally conceived as a boulevard
  • Indiakaj: the heart of the former Frihavn
  • Kollektivhuset (1950s): Hans Knudsens Plads 1, nr Ryparken (story)
  • Komponistkvarteret (byggeforeningshuse) : inc Kuhlausgade
  • Langeline Bro (2006) | underpass to Nordhavn (at Nordre Frihavnsgade)
  • PFA (1983, by Bent Saks), Sundkrogsgade 4 –  three octagonal smutveje at the three storey level, 21m long
  • Strandboulevarden 49 (1934/35, by Kay Fisker) – now Kræftens Bekæmpelse , formerly Finsen-Instituttet; two smutveje behind two yellow buildings dating from 1992 and 1994 by Arkitekterne Andresen (later AA arkitekter, now Arkitema)
  • Rosenvænget (Wikipedia): DK’s oldest villakvarter
  • Svanemøllens Kaserne: Ryvangs Alle 1 (story)
  • Vibensgård (1904; Østerbrogade) – by Anton Rosen
  • WW2: AF Kriegers Vej 3 and Søren Kam (SS)