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Nordsjælland: aka Denmark’s home counties




Nakskov: Einar Ørnsholt

Odense: Guardian | Vollsmose (Visit Vollsmose)

Bornholm: Kunstmuseum (1993, by Johan Fogh & Per Følner; visited Sep 2008) – controversy over extension (again)

Brande: RemisenBrande

Esbjerg: domineret af historicistiske huse

Vejle: Arkitekturguide Vejle (story), consisting of a book, an app and a website, ‘launched’ 14 June 2017 – so it’s not just Bølgen then. No web address so far, but it looks like Sternholmarkitektur are on the case…Vejle is the ninth largest city in DK (pop: knap 55K).


Aalborg: Dansk Arkitekturguide | CAFx 2017 | inevitable Gdn piece


Architecture and heritage:


  • Aarhus Litteraturcenter: aims to communicate the city’s literature and promote the production facilities for literature
  • 365 Tekster (FB story): new ways of publishing and formidling literature, in particular as an art form which can reach new readers, often as an element in public space;  follows the model of a publisher, but its publications do not appear as books; six activities underway, more than a tad confusing
    • 365 Historier:  children’s stories by Louis Jensen displayed at Godsbanen and rolled out around the city, in private homes, doctors’ waiting rooms, hairdressers, cafes, schools, supermarkets, fitness centres and kiosks; two stories printed on free postcards and one on a mulepose
    • Atlas over Aarhus (story): a literary mapping of the city, with ~50 authors (national and international) invited to write 365 short texts about streets and places in the city,which are then exhibited where they are set in a variety of formats, including word benches, street art on walls, buildings and gable ends, on pizza boxes etc; locations inc Øgadekvarteret, Braband and Gellerup, writers inc Louise Juhl Dalsgaard
    • and her Tree of souls in Havreballeskoven
    • Små bjerge af beton – inc Hanne Højgaard Viemose’s Helhedsplanen
  • Authors in Aarhus (FB): readings etc
  • Fresh Eyes (2013-17): 2015 (report) | 2016 | for 2017 see FB: inc Poetry recreating Aarhus, Jacques Jouet and Carl Jóhan Jensen’s lyrical representations of Aarhus
  • Vild med Ord; literary festival in May

Other events: