From 2012 I have participated in or (increasingly) audited a wide range of MOOCs and courses (list below), resulting in a lot of bloggage now archived.

Are MOOCs CPD for the over-educated? My MOOCs started out partly as an exploration of new things and partly as a way of monitoring the evolution of MOOCery. Until 2014 I blogged extensively about MOOCs as a new form of learning, plus the need for information management, and curated a round-up of #lawmoocs. Both now archived.

FutureLearn has now taken the place of Coursera as the dominant platform for my MOOCs. I’ve also had experience of Canvas, CourseSites, HarvardX/edX, OpenLearn and assorted customised platforms.

The subject matter of my MOOCs started out as largely IKM related, but has moved into different subject areas as I have started to refine what I call my personal research – see list below.

In MOOC watching corner, it’s interesting to note DTU’s self-paced Academic information seeking MOOC on Coursera (article).

Cities and architecture: Designing cities (2013; archived) | Re-enchanting the city: designing the human habitat (2016) | The architectural imagination (2017)

Cultural heritage:



Maps: Maps and the geospatial revolution (2013; posts archived); see 2015 journal article and 2016 news article for what happened next

Migration: Why do people migrate? Facts & Theories (2018; notes made)

MOOCery: Openness and innovation in elearning (2013; archived) | Academia and the MOOC (2013; archived)

Museums: Behind the scenes at the 21st century museum (2015) | Tangible things & More tangible things (2015)

Research: Developing your research project (2016; notes made) | Discovering your PhD potential: writing a research proposal (2017; notes made) | English for academic purposes (2018; notes made) | Research writing: how to do a literature review (2018)

Translation and languaging:

Writing (and reading): Thinking like a writer (2013; archived) | Start writing fiction (2014; archived) | Reading literature in the digital age (2016) | How to make a poem (2018; private)

Misc: Community journalism (2014; archived) | Mega-events: inside the Winter Olympics (2014; archived) | Environmental humanities: remaking nature (2016)


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