#lawmoocs: law schools, law teachers and MOOCs

Page last updated: 25 October 2013.

This post rounds up information and links on law MOOCs and MOOCery – thanks to @richards1000 for his help. It’s seems it’s still pretty early days, but we’ll try to keep this page updated with any further information we find – leave a comment or tweet @annindk if you can help, and in particular if you are a MOOCing law teacher or student!

Most of my MOOCs (see posts on theory | practice) have been “CPD for the well educated” or metaMOOCs looking at pedagogical issues, but what about ‘real’ MOOCs, aimed more squarely at replacing conventional highered courses?

On the main MOOC platforms:

On other platforms:

Moving on to papers, presentations etc, the following sessions on MOOCs have been sighted:

Other law teachers may well be participating in MOOCs, and blogging or tweeting about their experiences, but this is difficult to track down – could a #lawmoocs tag help?

Finally, three sites are now aggregating/curating articles about MOOCs – see Alt-Ed | MOOCs and Libraries | MOOC News and Reviews. A search brought up the following, primarily on legal issues relating to MOOCs:

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