International literature in the city: Berlin

Berlin is best understood through its paradoxes. It’s a world class cultural centre for music and galleries, but not for fashion. It’s a terrible city for dining out, but a great one for going out. It’s international but not cosmopolitan…It is a great city for writers, but sufficiently low density and international for there to be no cohesive writing scene. (Economist)

Berlin has a healthy expat/international writing scene, which has spawned all sorts of related bits and bobs. Copenhagen – not so much. I’m a German graduate (traditional literature based degree) so I’m drawn to all things German, plus I’m attracted to the literature of place, so let’s take a closer look.

A sense of place:

Literary Berlin:

Journals, publishers and writing support: 

To get up to speed with the latest literature in translation see New books in German, which has lots of additional resources, or simply sling Love German Books in your feedreader and start with Katy’s 2014 selection. World Literature Today has a great piece on German literature since the fall of the Wall.

Support on offer from the Goethe Institut: